September 24, 2009

gap casting call

okay guys, i really think mr. cayden is the cutest thing ever. but that really goes without saying. if you think he's a cutie too, please go vote for him at the gap casting call site! there are a lot of cute kids over there, so feel free to vote for whomever (i won't hold it against you if you don't vote for cayden). i think you can only vote once a day for one photo (read: go vote every day!) until nov. 17. follow the link below to find cayden:

then enter his number(s): 513056851 & 123056612

(you can vote for both photos every day. it does require you to register for a account for the vote to count)

EDIT: some people are having a hard time with the above numbers. if those don't work for you, try typing in 'becca7903' in the search area and see if that won't pull his photos up for you.

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