September 21, 2009

four month check-up

look at my booboos. i have them on both legs, and i tried to be a big boy, but golly, they hurt. so i cried. quite a bit. but then it was over and i was fine. see, i even took to playing a little bit this afternoon. (i took a nap soon afterward and was a little cranky when i woke up though.)

[all in all, it went pretty well. cayden weighed in at 14 pounds, 12 ounces (50% percentile for weight again) and measured a whopping 26 inches long (75% for height again). and well, he still has a pretty big noggin! dr. c says that he's doing really great and growing along at a perfect rate. we go back at six months... i'm sure cayden's okay with waiting a couple more months to go back at this rate!]

p.s. that's a cats tail that you see going in front of cayden in the video. these cats... seems they want some attention too!

1 comment:

thump220 said...

looks like a DJ in the making with how is "scratching" the little barrel.

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