August 6, 2009

two words:

projectile vomiting. wow. who knew someone so small could produce that much liquid with so much force? jeremy had just left for poker night; the first one in a very long time. i had just sat down after changing [yet] another diarrhea diaper. (i know, my stories here are SO interesting, right?) i started feeding him again, and all of a sudden, there was this fountain of puke. so. gross.

poor cayden just looked up at me like, "um, mom, what's going on? and why am i so nasty?"

ugh. so i put him on the floor thinking that was a good idea. but really, it wasn't. i needed to get him up in the bath and fast cause the smell was awful. i took him upstairs, put him on the rug in the bathroom, started running the bath and realized that i needed jeremy. not so much to clean up cayden, but to clean up the mess we'd left behind downstairs. (not to mention the fact that i didn't want to be alone should another episode like that occur.)

i called jeremy, and the sweetheart that he is, turned around, leaving poker night behind. i heart him. cayden got his bath (a little earlier than planned for the evening) and jeremy came home to my rescue and cleaned the couch and carpet.

i suppose i could've taken a photo of that. but believe me, you didn't want to see it. whew. what a night.

p.s. cayden still doesn't act like he feels bad, and for that, i'm very grateful.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Thank you for NOT posting photos of this poor nephew. I hope he gets better. Has he tried pedialyte yet? Ethan loved that when he was little!

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