August 13, 2009

a rant, if you will

dear mr. driver of a really expensive car. yes, i know you're trying to merge onto the interstate. i understand. really, i do. but do you see that little bar thingy that's sticking out to the left of your steering wheel? yeah, that's your blinker. learn how to use it and i might ::might:: consider letting you over in front of me.

and dear mister i'm sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. do you see my blinker and that i'm trying to merge over? you aren't getting anywhere, so please ::please:: just let me over.

double standards? not so much. see, i was using my blinker. the easiest (and quite possibly the only) way to really communicate in a car. grrr...

to sum it up, i'm using my blinker. please let me over. i'll show you the same courtesy as soon as you use your blinker, too. i know that fancy car has one.

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