August 22, 2009

farmers market

even though we've all been a little under the weather at the allen household (yes, cayden brought something else home from daycare!), we decided to try out the farmers market this morning. we drove a good half hour to the east lake farmers market.

a little bit of a drive? yes, maybe so, but honestly, we were going so that we could meet up with our good friend, mopsy. we hadn't seen her in ages, and well, i thought it would be fun to be outside (cause it was beautiful) and i thought cayden might enjoy it.

we ended up having a wonderful time, and were even able to hop over to mopsy's house for a little bit and get caught up. we picked up some good veggies while we were out and are looking forward to cooking them up over the week.

i even managed to get a little sunshine on my shoulders! and i promise jeremy was there... he just didn't make it into any of the photos...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

So glad to see Mopsy with Cayden, love these!!

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