July 1, 2009

tummy time

here's cayden practicing his tummy time. it's to help him build his neck muscles to hold up that big noggin of his. he's actually gotten even better since this clip was taken, but thought we'd share anyway. and apparently the tongue action helps him out! ha!

cayden had his six-week check-up today too. he's weighing in at a good 10 pounds and twelve ounces. and he's 23.25 inches long (50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height - where'd he get the height from?). he also got four shots today - two in each leg. the first one went pretty well... by the time we got to the second one his face was so red and i didn't know he could scream that loud. jeremy and i both teared up just a bit... but he calmed down quickly and he's been acting just fine since then. whew.

oh, and he's started smiling at us in the last week. i can't even put into words how it makes us feel. hopefully we'll catch that one on camera soon too...

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