July 10, 2009

a small project...

... that *might* hopefully turn into a larger one. i've talked for ages about opening an etsy shop, but never quite gotten around to it. i hate to say that cayden has finally gotten my butt in gear, but i suppose he really has. this is just one of many projects i think i'd like to do. i'll hopefully be able to make my own buttons soon (got a few difference pieces on order to see what will work best), but for now, with him heading off to daycare on monday, i knew i needed a pacifier holder pretty quickly.

and, as inept as i am at the sewing machine, for the moment, i'm actually thinking of trying to make some really cool bibs. the bad thing with most baby items is that it's hard to find things that aren't so cutesy and have a little edge to them. i'm hoping to maybe bridge that gap just a little and see if other people aren't interested in buying what's created.

any feedback here would be appreciated. just leave a comment below (and if you aren't a google user, feel free to sign your name so i know who's sending me some good vibes!)

p.s. isn't our model the cutest thing ever?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha! Yay! Cutest thing ever!


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