July 27, 2009

music city brewfest

what a day it was. nice and warm, and more beer flowing than one can imagine. jeremy, justin, rachel and i rode to downtown nashville in style (rachel got a new car - surely she'll blog about it soon [hint, hint]). i forget how much i absolutely love nashville. and the people there. they always seem to have so much more style than the folks in birmingham. but i digress.

the day was beautiful and the beer sampling was wonderful. my tolerance level seems to have gone down quit a bit over the last year or so (i can't imagine why!), so i had to go a little slower on the sampling... but a great time was still had by all.

after the brewfest, we all hopped in the car and drove to the vanderbilt area and justin got a new tattoo. we then hopped back in the car, headed back down broad and made a stop in at hatch show print and american apparel. for dinner we met up with my parents (and cayden!) at the hard rock cafe. overall, a great day, but super tiring...

(we totally stole this idea from some friends at work. thanks beth and evan! the hatch people didn't like us doing this so much, and actually asked us to stop. bummer cause i would've changed out that "c" and "d.")

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