July 19, 2009

a little yard work

... and jeremy may have had a little too much fun doing it! no worries though. we aren't people to dig up trees and throw them out. no sir. we moved that sucker (even though we still have NO clue as to what kind of tree it is) to the back yard. it doesn't look so great at the moment, but i've heard that this can happen sometimes before the tree comes back beautifully. i'm hoping that'll be the case - it'll give our back yard a little more privacy from the house that sits behind us.

we also d
id a little work to the flower bed we built off our back porch a couple of years back. we used to have herbs planted here. they got completely out of control, and well, one of our cats kept using the bathroom in the planter, so we weren't so sure how good it would be for us to use the plants that were coming out of there. we settled on something simple that won't require a lot of work from us. yes, we're lazy.

and lastly, we got finished planting the japanese maple beauty out front earlier today. it took the place of the mystery tree, and well, it just looks a little nicer in the front now. so we're happy with it.

thankfully we had a gorgeous weekend to be able to get out and do this without dying in the middle of july. oh, and today's my dad's 56th birthday. happy birthday, daddy!

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