July 30, 2009

kitchen decisions

ok, so when it comes to wanting to do a new design, i'm so impatient to wait. i want it done right then! with that being said, remember this? yeah, well, about the time we got all the knobs back on the cabinet doors, i hated it. a lot. off to ebay i went, and i found a great seller with reasonable prices for more modern hardware. whew! crisis averted... until we realized there really was no way for us to install these on our drawers since our current hole was in the middle of the drawers. sure, we could've filled it in and painted them (i guess), but that was a little more work than either of was willing to commit. what'd we do instead? peel that silly black spray paint off thirteen pulls and replace them with the original pulls. geez. if i would just hold off for a couple of days and think about something, we could've avoided some of these things. but don't our cabinet handles look lovely? i'm quite smitten with them... (oh yeah, we also got a new light fixture for our dining area. you love it, right?)

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