July 5, 2009

fourth of july

we all spent the long weekend in tennessee with my parents. and when i say "all," i mean me, jeremy, cayden, rachel, justin, ethan and lexie. so we all stayed with my parents over the long weekend and celebrated together.

cayden had a chance to meet one of his great grandmothers on saturday (he met and hung out with the other two earlier in the week - they both live in alabama; look for a post on that sometime soon). he also got to meet some other family members too - a great aunt and uncle and two more cousins. we had root beer/coke floats and watermelon. a new fourth of july tradition? perhaps so!

anyway, cayden slept through the fireworks, but here are a few ot
her photos from the evening. we had a great time. justin bought an awesome firework that made us all feel a little bit cool. unfortunately, we were a bit too close to fully enjoy it ourselves (other people in the neighborhood surely "oohed" and "aahed" over it though). it was a little difficult to capture it in a photo. all in all, a great weekend, and good holiday.

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