July 17, 2009

cloth diapers

as some of you may be aware, jeremy and i decided long ago to use cloth diapers on cayden. these aren't the type of cloth diapers that i'm sure many of you remember, or even possibly used. these diapers are very much like a disposable, except instead of throwing it away, you throw it in a bag, and every other day, you throw the entire bag into the wash and voila, they're clean! (ok, there are a couple of steps in the washing process, but you get what i mean.)

the initial cost of these was a little high, but the thought of being able to use them many times over (and even on multiple children!), made the cost reasonable to us. unfortunately, daycare can't use them, so we still have to use disposable there, but hey, at least we're doing what part we can in helping the planet (and our pockets just a little).

the diapers we decided to go with are really pretty and come in great colors. supposedly you're able to use them on newborns, but our newborn just didn't fit in them - way too big. tonight, we tried one again, and yay!, it fits! so we're giving it a try overnight as well just to see how it all works out. we're keeping our fingers crossed that we're done with disposable diapers at home!

here's cayden
in his first cloth diaper. it's personally my favorite color of the ones we have. it's called "ribbit." oh, and enjoy the crying fit he's pitching and the subsequent pouty face. it's just too much!

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Becky said...

Looks like his Dad!

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