June 3, 2009

two weeks old

really? two weeks old already? geez, this parenting thing does go by fast...

anyway, you may (or most likely may not) notice that i've shortened the name of this blog. it used to be "just one more trip to the bathroom" because, well, i was doing a lot of that. now that my trips have slowed in that area, i thought it'd be a good idea to shorten the title just a bit and now it really fits. "just one more trip" ... to the changing table ... to pick up the little one ... to target to get things that we forget on prior trips ... to home depot (cause honestly, we all need some projects around the house every now and then!) i'm sure you get the point, and "just one more trip" fits our lifestyle perfectly these days.

so the last couple of weeks have gone really well. no complaints really. i had a few complications from the epidural and ended up having to get a blood patch the friday that we left the hospital. it wasn't a ton of fun, but it ended up getting rid of this awful headache that the epidural had left behind. honestly? recovery from the delivery has been the most painful part – and i use painful lightly... mostly because it didn't hurt, but taking the time to recover when i'm used to just doing things has been a chore for me. today? i feel great. just a few tight muscles in my shoulder area, but i'm pretty sure that's just from me being incredibly out of shape and now holding an infant (weighing in at 8.6 pounds this morning at the doctor!) for a large portion of my day.

cayden couldn't be a better baby. he only cries when he really needs something... no crying just to cry for us. whew! he sleeps pretty great at night too. usually gives us four hour increments, so we're getting plenty of sleep – it's just broken up a bit now (which isn't easy per se, but we're getting used to it).

jeremy went back to work on monday, so it's just me and the little one at home now. and that's going good too. i was worried that i might get bored during the day... but there's still so many things to do that boredom hasn't been a problem yet (talk to me again in six weeks!).

alright, so here are some photos of cayden over the last couple weeks. i'm sure that's what you're all here for anyway :)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

So glad he has gained even more weight!!! My little cutie. If you get bored, you know where I am!

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