May 16, 2009

nursery photos

just as promised, right? ok, sure, it's been a promise in the making, but finally, here are some final shots of the nursery.

we're just not that into themes here in the allen household, so really, our nursery isn't one of those cutesy things that people might ooohhh and aaahhh over. it's simple. clean lines. really, it's just our style. the way we roll. sure, it'll probably never be this clean again, but that's okay, and i realize that's how it is with little ones running the house.

jeremy and my dad made the wall/shelf that all the (empty for now) photo frames are sitting on. i love it. and, if we stay in this house for any amount of time, it's something that can grow with him rather than us having to completely redesign the whole thing one day.

the mobile above the crib
is something i saw on another web site and loved. so i did some searching and found the metal piece online somewhere (and honestly, if i could remember, i would share the link). then i chose some manly (okay, boyish) dingbats for one side of the cards, and made a pattern of blues for the backside. since babies don't see color for a while, the contrast on the sides should be interesting for him to look at. and the good thing about this? whenever we get tired of looking at all the little cars in brown and white, we can just create new cards to replace the old ones.

we're excited to bring him home to
this. and he'll be sleeping in his crib from day one, so we're sure to get lots of use out of this room and all the time/hard work that we put into it. you'll also see someone else that appreciates our hard work if you scroll down far enough.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!


Jennifer said...

Everything looks great! You seem very prepared and organized! I'll be thinking about you this week!

Sally Jane said...

Everything looks great! I love the color scheme. Oh, you nifty designer types. I'm sure Cayden will know his fonts before he learns his ABC's. Can't wait to see photos of the little guy!

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