May 15, 2009

five days and counting...

... for real! we had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything is looking good. our doctor asked us how we felt about an induction, and we just said, yes, please. i've been getting really tired by the end of the day these days, and honestly, the swelling in the lower half of my body just isn't pretty any more. and it's starting to get achy.

so with that being said, we're being induced next wednesday morning (cayden's due date!) at 5 a.m. i'm sure i won't sleep a wink the night before. i am taking tuesday off from work though so that i can get some final things taken care of around the house. this way, we'll at least be able to come home to a clean house and i feel that just that little bit will help.

we got the air conditioner issue wrapped up. my car should be out of the shop on monday. we have a pediatrician and day care lined up. i think we're good to go.

so think about us next wednesday and pray for an easy (and not too painful) delivery. look for some final pregnancy photos and the finished nursery photos over the weekend. it'll be our last chance for those!

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