April 23, 2009

i'm a total slacker

and i don't even know why i haven't been updating. lame, i tell ya!

we're in the final countdown stages at this point. as of next wednesday, i'll be 37 weeks - which means a full-term baby. cayden (yes, it's a boy! his name will be cayden samuel) will be allowed to make his appearance any time after that. i'd still like for him to stick around for a few more weeks just so we make sure that the whole day care thing will work out appropriately. (as far as that goes, we aren't guaranteed a spot 100% yet, but according to them, it's looking really good. whew.)

we almost have the nursery complete. just a few final touches and we should be good to go there. the cats love it. i think three of them have slept in the crib already. and of course we've found them in the rocker and on top of the chang
er. we found our miracle kitty curled up (well, as curled up as a 13 pound cat can be) in cayden's car seat just yesterday. i'm sure they won't love his stuff quite so much once they realize all the noise is coming from him... so we'll see how that goes.

as far as the pregnancy has gone, i've had it fairly easy. i'm just now to the point of where things are really starting to get uncomfortable, but hey, it's worth it all in the end, right? jeremy gets a kick out of watching my stomach move around
. and i'll admit, it's still a little too alien-esque sometimes for my taste. but i know as soon as he's here, i'll miss all the movements in my belly.

i really hope to update this blog more often. again, i apologize for being such a slacker. i'll leave you with a photo of the nursery. all the frames will eventually hold photos of cayden... and possibly some photos of me and jeremy (we haven't completely decided yet).

stay tuned for completed nursery pics and possibly some photos of my big, pregnant self.

and just for fun, here's our big kitty in the car seat. looks comfy, no?

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