October 24, 2008

telling our secret...

we finally got to tell jeremy's parents and sister last weekend. jenny was having a chorale performance, and we were meeting jeremy's parents for dinner beforehand. our plans were to offer to say the prayer at dinner, and jeremy would throw in a line about keeping baby allen in everyone's prayers. we got to dinner and surprise! jeremy's mom had invited friends from church. so we quickly decided that dinner was not the time to share the news.

instead, we had a few minutes before the choir performance. becky started talking about surprises and how she was surprised that her church friends had shown up for the performance. and how memaw being there would be a surprise to jenny because she didn't know her grandmother would be coming. jeremy just leaned over and said, "well, we have a surprise for you too!" she was very excited - mabry too!

after the show, we met up with jenny. jeremy hugged her and said, "good job, aunt jenny." omg. she's probably had the best reaction of anyone! i thought she was going to fall out on the floor. very cool.

jeremy and i have both let the news slip to our best friends as well. it's hard to keep something like this a secret. i kept asking jeremy if it would be okay if i told tom about everything ... and he kept telling me to wait until we were closer to our "safe" zone. he finally admitted that he'd told bryan already. silly boy.

we'll be sharing the news with my grandmother this weekend. and we have our second doctor's appointment next thursday. once we hear the heartbeat, i think we'll both feel a little more reassured. i plan on telling work next friday. since it's halloween too, i plan on dressing up like a bumble bee ... and telling everyone i'm a mom-to-bee. cute, right? ok, it's a little cheesy, but i like it.

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