October 10, 2008


so, a couple of weeks ago we went to the beach with the entire family. and by entire, i mean, me and jeremy, my mom and dad, my sister, her [now!] fiance and their two kids. rachel, justin, jeremy and i had all discussed whether or not we'd tell my parents on this trip, and finally, it was decided that we'd somehow break the news there. our original idea was to buy baby swimsuits (a boy's and a girl's), hold them up and ask my parents which suit i should wear. cute, right? except, in late september, it's virtually impossible to find a swimsuit!

so we settled for second best by trying to teach my nephew to tell nana and pop that "uncle jeremy and aunt becca are having a baby." while a great idea, it didn't work out quite right. all ethan would tell nana and pop was "gaygee" and when asked who was having a baby, he'd respond "i don't know." it was cute nonetheless and nana and pop were/are thrilled. we still haven't told jeremy's parents, but i'm hoping we come up with a good way to tell them soon.

also last thursday i had my first doctor's appointment. it was nothing exciting really. just like a yearly trip to the gyno. except they did another pregnancy test there to confirm it. so that's cool. i also got to have blood work done. i'll admit, i panicked at first (i mean really. who likes to have vials of blood taken from them?). everything went well though and i didn't pass out. yay! our next appointment is oct. 30 at 2 pm. jeremy will be coming to this appointment with me as we're supposed to g
et to hear the heartbeat this time. i can't even imagine what that will feel like.

as a congratulations to ourselves, we'll be purchasing our first baby item after that appointment. this awesome diaper bag by skip hop will hopefully soon be ours.

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