September 18, 2008

from the beginning...

a couple months ago, jeremy and i decided that we were ready to start trying for a family. we'd heard it could take any where from a month to a year (at least) to conceive. after getting all excited in august, we were slightly disappointed when we didn't get a positive sign. we decided it was just a sign that maybe we weren't quite ready. after several conversations, we decided to put trying to conceive off until the new year.

well, surprise! God had other plans. in our second
month of trying (but really not planning at all this month), we were surprised with a positive on a cheap target brand home pregnancy test on september 13. not quite believing it, we went to target again and got a digital test. we received a positive on that test september 14.

the hardest thing about all of it? my mom was in town for the weekend and we kept it secret! while we of course want all of our parents to know, w
e wanted to tell in our own time and in our own way.

this blog will just be a journal of sorts of our adventures in baby-makin'. expect photos and stories of all sorts. my favorite thing so far? (while we were discussing the benefits of avoiding caffeine at least through the first trimester): jeremy saying, "they should come out with a caffeine-free coffee." um, babe, it's called decaf.

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Rachel said...

=) yay!

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