February 14, 2017

valentines, 2017.


Jeremy and I never make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. We both feel that you should show love for each other every day of the year, and that flowers should really be given on days that Hallmark doesn't monopolize. That being said, we do feel it's important to do something small for our kiddos. And to try to make them feel special on these days. The boys all got a new snack-size lunch box, a small Dr. Seuss book (they're perfect for bathroom reading, ha!), a mystery Tsum-Tsum and a little bit of chocolate. Tatum got a new chime/chew toy thing. Apparently we should have gotten her some chocolate too? She kept trying to steal her brothers'. And we're about to wrap up the evening with cheesy (figuratively and literally!) heart-shaped pizzas. I might have also swung by Dunkin Donuts this morning and picked up a few heart-shaped donuts for dessert. Sugar and hearts... what better way to wrap up this day?

February 7, 2017

a tiny (bow) project.


Tatum is quickly amassing a collection of bows. Which I love. What I don't love? Not really knowing how to store them. Flashback to the days I wore bows all the time (yes, that did actually happen), and remembering a ribbon of some sort that all of my bows would clip on. A quick check of supplies and I had ribbon leftover from another project in her room, some adorable white and gold twine that I'd cut from another banner, some fray-check and my sewing machine.

After fray-checking the ends of my ribbon, I tied a knot in the twine, looped the ribbon through it and put a quick straight stitch to hold everything in place and I was done. It took the fray-check longer to dry than it did for me to complete the entire project. I also spent no money on this project... well, as long as we don't count the money involved to buy the adorable little bows.

And problem solved! Also? The bows look pretty stinkin' cute hanging on her bedroom door. And they match her decor in a way too. What about you? Have you done any quick projects lately?

February 4, 2017

all heart eyes over here.


Stud, indeed. All of them. Well, except for Tatum and what a little doll, right? Crazy8 was kind enough to send over some of their adorable Valentine collection for our kiddos to sport for the upcoming holiday. Wasn't that nice?

Know what else is nice? The fact that they had something that the 7, 5, 2 and six month old would wear. Ok, maybe the baby didn't get a choice. And maybe my big boys surprised me with their choices – I thought for sure our pizza-loving Cayden would pick the pizza shirt, but nope! While Cayden and Sawyer most definitely have their own ideas on style right now, they both flipped out over those hooded jackets. (They also flipped out over the fact that they're lined with a super-cozy material too.)

Graham never wavered on picking his "heart" shirt. He has no idea what it says, but I think it's pretty perfect. If you've ever had this cutie bat his long lashes your way, you'd agree. And those new kicks of his? Won't take them off. They're velcro though, so when he does decide to take them off, it's easy enough for him to put them back on.

Those jeans? My boys (all of them) have the skinniest chicken legs you ever did see. Skinny jeans are a must. They all got a new pair of Rocker Jeans. And since the boys are all so slim, the adjustable waist band is perfection. I don't want to talk about the fact that I didn't have to adjust Cayden's waist though. I refuse to believe he's about to be eight. The jeans are super-soft and thinner (read: less stiff) than some other jeans we've bought. They are going to be perfect for this spring when the temperatures start rising again.

And sweet Tatum... her very first legit tutu. It was all we could do to get her to leave it alone for a few photos. The sparkles most definitely grab her attention. What I love about her heart sweater? It's going to be fun to pair with jeans too. There's also a very real possibility that I could use it next year too.

All of the kiddos are looking forward to wearing their outfits for Valentine's day at school. I have a feeling we'll be wearing everything a few times before the 14th gets here though. What about you? If you could get something, anything, what would you pick out for your kiddos? Let me know below in the comments.

A big 'ol thank you to Crazy8 for sponsoring this post! Loving these clothes? You can head over to my Instagram account and enter for a chance to win a gift card of your very own!

January 27, 2017

graham & tatum.


Oh, these two littles of ours... You always kind of wonder how your children are going to get along with their siblings. Cayden and Sawyer are two years apart and are really, really good friends. Don't get me wrong, they definitely argue and fight over any and everything, but deep down, best buds for sure. Like first day of school Cayden grabbed Sawyer's hand and walked him into school type of best buds.

When Graham came along, there was almost a three year gap between him and Sawyer. And that one extra year makes a difference somehow. Those two fight all. the. time. Not over anything, but everything. (They are awfully cute when they accidentally fall asleep together though.) Graham and Cayden though? At a five year difference? Best of friends. I haven't quite figured that one out.

And then came Tatum. Only a two year difference between her and Graham, but would the girl thing make a difference? Eventually? It might. But for now? If she's sitting on the couch, Graham's sitting on the couch. If she's in the floor, Graham's in the floor. As they rolled around on the floor together this morning, he reached over and took her hand. (Heart eyes for sure!) A week ago? I don't even think Graham knew she existed. And now? Besties.

The dynamics between these four is going to be so fun to watch grow. Hopefully. Do your kids having siblings? What are there relationships like? It's always such an interesting thing... relationships.

January 11, 2017

one of our new goals.


We aren't really a goal-setting family. I mean, a long time ago, Jeremy and I would sit around and talk about things... but it's been a while since that happened. And with the new year upon us, we decided that this year we would set goals. To make those goals into something, we decided that writing them down needed to happen too.

One of our biggest goals this year is to get ourselves out of debt. We took a Dave Ramsey course a couple of years ago and it really resonated with us. And we were on the right path... until someone's vehicle needed a complete engine replacement. We weren't even close to having a fully funded emergency fund when that hit, so you guessed it, out came a credit card. Ouch.

But, but! We're ready to change that this year. And we're also ready to get our kids on board with understanding money just a bit better. Dave says to pay your kids commission rather than an allowance; come up with chores that they get paid for actually doing rather than a set amount (allowance) they get every week regardless of performance.

With our boys being old enough to help around the house, a commission chart for them also became a goal for 2017. The problem? I couldn't find any charts that I liked (I'm picky, people!). Good thing I know someone in graphic design! And ta-da! Whipped these beauties up this morning! If you're looking for something like this, all three colors are being offered in my Etsy shop as a digital download. (I also finally uploaded another print that I've had in the works for a while. You can check that one out here.)

We're really looking forward to putting these into rotation. I might even get crazy and laminate ours so I can use them with a dry erase marker. And I know there are some little boys around here who will be excited to get paid for helping take out recycles (they love this chore in particular for some reason, ha!).
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